Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW
Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW

My Philosophy

     I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist who utlizes an eclectic approach.  I recognize that the challenges we face in life are not isolated in time, and they are seldom random.  We are the product of all that we have experienced in our past, coupled with our own unique genetic heritage.  Therefore, solving our problems is an issue of first dealing with emergent issues to help us reach functional stability. This is generally done from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective. Then it is an issue of understanding who we are, where we came from, and the extent to which the situations and relationships we are in are repetitions of the past.  With that knowledge in hand, we can craft more effective and mindful behavioral interventions to alleviate suffering, increase our understanding, and help us to become more loving and productive individuals, spouses, friends, relatives, and colleagues.


    To acheive this we must strive to have all of our thoughts, feel all of our feelings, and then act in our best interests. In the long run, we succeed the most when we find a path to beome a good ancestor to those who come after us by being an integral part of a Beloved Community, in keeping with the prescription of MLK.

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