Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW
Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW


 I am a psychotherapist who uses an eclectic blend of evidence-based psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies to assist my clients to acheive maximum symptom relief. Just as no two of us are exactly alike, so too is each person's pathway to healing and optimal functioning—each path must be tailored to the needs, challenges, and history of the individual. 



For more than thirty years I have been the therapeutic partner of people who perceived a need to better understand themselves, the external forces that have oppressed them,  the interpersonal patterns that have challenged them, and to develop more productive methods of coping to help them grow.


I meet with clients in my office in Woodcliff Lake, Bergen County, New Jersey and by secure Internet telepresence, which allows clients to work with me wherever they call home.


Please, take a few moments to get to know me and my approach.  Then, when you are ready, reach out and contact me.

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