Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW
Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW


Although I am trained to recognize privilege and oppression; I recognize that my own development as a therapist requires that I continue to find the places within my own identity that may limit my patients' fullest development. I take that work very seriously.  


I am able to differentiate between underlying emotional issues and the very real and very destructive challenges related to living in a White, male privileged, heteronormative, sexual-binary culture that has a long history of penalizing those who create caring, loving relationships that fall outside the boundaries of tradition.



I am an advocate of social justice and equality for all persons.



I have had the oportunity to work with and learn from many people including those from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered community, polyamorous relationships, various faiths (Christians, Jews, Pagans, Muslims, Unitarian Universalists,) and those questioning faith (agnostics, humanists, and atheists), as well as those building a life outside of traditional models.



My goal in this area is to lend a respectful ear, one eager to learn how the diversity factors at play in a person's life are supporting them on their journey towards maturation and how external factors of oppression and privilege might be impeeding that process.  Together, my clients and I work through building up and supporting the institutions of their choice that are helping them and reducing the impact of those that appear to be causing difficulty.



A meditator for several years, I include mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques modeled after the program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine into all treatments where the addition of this complementary treatment strategy can be expected to hasten healing as well as to restore vitality, meaning, and purpose to my patient's lives. 


Patients likely to benefit from further mindfulness practice often attend the mindfulness group that I facilitate at my home office on the second and fourth Friday of each month at noon. Entitled, "Mindfulness at Midday" this group utilizes meditation, mindful movement, and discussion of life challenges that attendees are dealing with to strengthen coping and enhance wellness.


Click here for a PDF of the group's trifold brochure. 


During the Coronavirus period of physical distancing, the group will meet weekly on Fridays at noon, Eastern Time on Zoom. Contact me for the Zoom link to enter the meeting.


Please explore the Mindfulness section of my Curriculum Vitae on the About Me page for updated information about my Mindfulness education and practice.



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