Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW
Dwight Panozzo, PhD, LCSW


I am a certified social work supervisor in the State of New Jersey.  In addition, I am a certified social work supervisor for master's level students in field practice.  I have provided supervision to social workers on a fee for service basis since the year 2000.


As a certified Modern Psychoanalyst, I have the training and expertise to assist clinicians in navigating the transference issues arising in the treatment of their patients as well as to help them recogize, strategize, and resolve the countertransference resistances that impact their clients' treatment.


Being a private practitioner for many years, I am also able to assist clinicians in the development of their own practices: dealing with insurance companies, setting up and maintaining appropriate practice management solutions, and providing the support they need to become successful practitioners in their own right.

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